Terrible dearth of hand washing

I just heard a radio announcer say  that there is 'a terrible dearth of hand washing'! I suspect this applies to tango dancers at times.
Apparently I'm too late for Global Handwashing Day - it was October 15. But given the information it seems that Global Handwashing Day should be Everyday.
A search of the internet will reveal that washing hands with water alone before preparing a meal substantially reduces the chance that diners will contract diarrhoea! Other studies that show that when medical practitioners and staff wash their hands the chances of infection are substantially reduced. Washing hands after blowing your nose or sneezing or coughing into your hands is also important.  You will also discover that many people do not wash their hands when they go to the toilet. Studies have also found that when a washroom has a poster pointing out how important it is to wash your hands, more people do the right thing.
Hand to hand contact is fundamental to tango. We hold our partner's hand when we dance and we believe that the hand is clean... perhaps there is a case for posters in the washrooms of the milonga venues?


Anonymous said…
That article was reprinted in the newspaper Clarin in BsAs, so I shared it with the ladies' room attendant at a milonga. She wanted to post it on the wall. We are aware that many do not wash hands before returning to dance.

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