Where were the Sydneysiders at the Tango Festival?

I've already said it, but I say again, thank you to Anonymous (could you come up with a better pen name please?) has made some very interesting and pertinent comments in his critique of the Sydney Salon Tango Festival on my post about the tango music - you won't agree with them all if you went - hopefully you will tell us what you thought.

One comment Anonymous did make was about the attendance. He (well 'he' did do the asking for dances) mentioned that most of the teachers attended - though he left out Teddy and Mimi from A Little Buenos Aires, Margarita and Guy from Tango Embrace and the interstate teachers, Andrew and Adrienne from Adelaide's Southern Cross and John and Cheryl Lowry from Brisbane's Comme Il Faut.... but where were the locals?
My theories are...
1) Sydney has not had a good run with Festivals - and the last Championship (I will say no more!)...A really well-run festival such as the NZ Tango Festival in Wellington makes all the difference.
2) Two of the teachers came last year and many Sydneysiders (especially beginners) had not heard of the others, even Lorena Ermocida and Fabian Peralta. Javier Rodriguez has a 'fan club' but if you don't belong then there wasn't a big drawcard.
3) Expense. Sydney is an expensive city. Many tangueros/as live on tight budgets - and eke out their tango budgets carefully. Some I know are saving to go to Buenos Aires and this was not a substitute.
4) My friends aren't going... Sydneysiders do cliquey-ness very well. They tango in groups - and they rarely stray from their group, and rarely invite new people to join - you have to prove yourself. They can dance with each other at the local milongas so why pay to go to expensive milongas in venues they know.
5) None of the Sydney teachers to my knowledge promoted the Festival as an experience for their students.


LaborWatch said…
From our perspective, the STS Festival this year was a big step up from last year. The organisers certainly learned from the first year and did something about it. The Souths Juniors venue worked really well. Plenty of room with a nice "club" feel and the regular venues added to the variety. The visiting DJ's gave a lesson in excellent selection and music quality. Like all locals, sometimes you take your own town for granted. We love Sydney. If you can't have a good time there, you should check your pulse !!

Getting people along? It's a tough job. This is specifically promoted as a "Salon" Tango festival. If you don't like, or dance salon style (like me) you are not going to book classes, won't be really interested in the performances and will be less inclined to think about the milongas. Perhaps the festival (and all festivals) should consider more variety in the future.

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