Tango in the Chateau as it snows - so beautiful

I started to write this post the night after the Tango Ball in the Chateau Tongariro on New Zealand's North Island, but for some reason those little gremlins that work in mysterious ways in a Cloud were not going to allow it - so it has had to wait until I got home.
It was a wonderful night... and I hope for the sake of all the Aussies who cancelled - or just weren't interested - that they do it again! The Chateau Tongariro is a beautiful hotel watched over by one of New Zealand's most famous mountains, Mount Ngauruhoe (aka Mount Doom from the world of the hobbits) and it was showing off it's finery on Saturday. Snow-capped, it shone in a golden light as the sun set and the red vegetation in the foreground provided a perfect stage.  Later in the night it snowed - and the cars in the carpark were covered in a dusting of snow which melted early in the morning.
The Chateau has a picture window that frames the Mountain and the top dance floor was just in front of this window. The main floor on the next level and tables set around the floor with chandeliers above.
The hospitality of the Kiwis was warm - and we few Aussies (just 6 of us!) were made to feel really welcome. The evening began with a buffet throughout which DJ Peter played 'listening' tango. Those of us who didn't know him were not sure how the evening would progress but as soon as the meal was over he broke into an evening of excellent Golden Age music and the floor was packed all night. We left around midnight but they were still dancing at 2am - and again in the morning throughout breakfast. We loved it! and we really enjoyed the Chateau. We stayed on for another 2 nights and enjoyed the crisp mountain air and bushwalks exploring the volcanic wilderness which is known simply at National Park. The organiser of the night, Heidi from Jambalaya, is stepping aside from tango events, but the team she has had helping her will continue with the NZ Tango Festival in Wellington - and hopefully with the tango ball at the Chateau! Thank you Kiwis for your hospitality - and your excellent floorcraft!!


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