Wow... Fabulous end to a sad week

I've been meaning to post this all week but haven't yet got my head around the loss of one of our most revered tangueros. Eduardo Massey was much loved in the tango community as his funeral showed - the chapel was packed! He left this world suddenly after a brief illness and we will miss his smile, his friendship, his jokes, his knowledge of tango music and his deft footwork on the dance floor (a skill learnt playing soccer at the top level in his youth).

Eduardo would have loved to have seen the skill and the passion that a young couple who have been dancing in Sydney for some years displayed on Saturday night at the Tango Entre Amigos Milonga in Marrickville.
Matias Conca (son of Karina and Fabian who are 2 of the principles of TEA) and his partner Janna Lopez danced a fabulous version of 'Tanguera' and an even more awesome milonga 'La Cicatriz' and wowed the crowd. I have watched this young couple since they first danced at the Australian Tango Championships at the Opera House, when I was part of the organising committee and am delighted that they have worked at bringing their tango to world standard. They are by far the most outstanding couple in Sydney today and should a Championship be held in the next couple of years they would surely take the Stage crown. I was hoping that someone who wasn't just sitting there with their eyes glued to the dancing would have taken a video and posted it on Youtube but they haven't - so you will have to make do with photo which David Storm of Tangoexpressions kindly sent me  - and a link to their Facebook page. If you see they are performing somewhere try to be there!!


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