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Very beautiful tango

Today I did two workshops in Newcastle with visiting teacher Jorge Dispari and his wife, Maria del Carmen Romero. This couple is visiting Sydney, running workshops and performing at milongas and we are truly lucky to have the opportunity to learn from them ( you'll find info on the TangoAustralia website ). In the first workshop we walked. Jorge explained that he did not teach figures, he taught technique and that is what we did. It was hugely rewarding and very challenging. There is always more to learn about tango and big and little things one needs to work on and we worked hard. It was also very rewarding to be praised by the great master. He is an excellent teacher who does not stint on his praise! but both teachers are also quick to point out areas that need improvement.My partner and I were delighted to be told that we, especially he, danced beautifully with passion and that with some work on our technique we would be great!! Floorcraft is not known to be good at Sydney milo