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Steamy tango

Saturday night in Sydney was the city's hottest night in recorded weather history (for much of the night the temperature hovered around 30 degrees Celsius)...and everyone was out and about. The streets were jammed with traffic, even at 9.30 when we were on our way to tango in the air-conditioned car, the footpaths and roads were packed with scantily clad people looking for relief from the heat. At least we are going to tango in air-conditioning we told each other. But Sydney's electricity system is not set up to handle huge demands by air-conditioning equipment - and much of the grid is old and prone to collapse. And the Bexley RSL is not exactly a new club - new clubs don't have beautiful big parquet floors such as this one has. You guessed it, the air-conditioning was not working - and we danced in 38 degree+ heat. Reminded me of a trip to Buenos Aires one March! without the smoke and pollution. But I had some beautiful dances with some of Sydney's best tangueros... w