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There's nothing like tango

In the last few days I have had the pleasure of listening to some great swing bands and watching people dance to swing. I love the old jazz and swing but have never felt compelled to learn to dance to it. However on this holiday I have decided that I will give it a go as there are free ballroom classes on offer. So yesterday we took a jive class (afraid today we couldn't stand to go to ballroom tango!!) and tomorrow we'll do cha-cha... and then do a private lesson to see if we can get these steps in our brains. But though the music is great and the atmosphere here in the beautiful ballroom is superb... it just isn't tango! In fact today we just had to turn my iphone tango playlist on at lunchtime when everyone had gone - and we snuck (great word!) into the disco and danced a couple of tandas while no-one was watching! I'll keep up the lessons because I would like to be able to get up on the floor and feel half-way competent at other dances... but there's nothing lik