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My daughter is ''dancing' with the stars

Not a great fan of DWTS (as I believe it is referred to by those involved!) but I will be watching the US version on youtube if I can, because my daughter has been working on it. I am not a celebrity watcher and have only heard about one of two of the 'stars' on this year's program (apparently the celebrity watchers were not impressed with the line up!). Having spent a couple of weeks learning ballroom (and coming out with only the cha-cha-cha and the slow waltz) I have great respect for these people who learn complicated dances in a very short time. My daughter is not dancing in the show ... though she was a dancer for a number of years and she tells me that being involved with this project has made her want to go back to it.   She has always resisted learning Argentinian tango - because it is my thing! - but I know she would love it if she ever did. This a clip from last year's US DWTS of Jennifer Grey, dancing to La Cumparsita - though I knew her as the star of 

What's happening - and not happening in tango in Oz

We've just posted the latest TangoAustralia newsletter on the website... This newsletter is a round up of what is coming in the rest of 2011. Of course there will be more - and some may not happen, but it will whet your tango appetite and help you to plan your holidays... Already there are a number of tango teachers coming back to Australia to workshop with their followers, old and new; Joaquin Amenabar, a favourite already with many Australian tango lovers will visit us twice - performing and workshopping; the line-up is out for both the New Zealand tango festival in Wellington in June and the Sydney Salon Tango Festival later in the year and this is just a start. Of course there will be more teachers and musicians touring and workshopping - TangoAustralia will again do our utmost to bring you all the news - we rely on the tango community to tell us about their events It is great to have teachers, performers and musicians visiting and most are the nicest people, but it is

Old tango friends

Last night we took ourselves to one of the Sydney's most popular milongas and probably the best dance floor in town - Marrickville Hard Tennis Club. (yes a tennis club with a great dance floor, you never know where you will find them). This milonga is run by Tango Entre Amigos , one of Sydney's well established schools and generally it is crowded - last night was no exception. DJ was Anthony from Tango Spirit. Anthony's music is generally fantastic, he is committed to the Golden Age, though at times he plays tandas where the performance is all about the singer not the dancer. One of my partners and two of the men at my table find it very difficult to lead to this music and I, for one, find it hard to follow. There is such a huge choice of tango music - as we learnt last year there are 20,000 recordings in regular use and about another 80,000 still to be passed on, and it is the DJ's job to make sure that all the music is danceable. As a DJ I have made the mistake of