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Pot calling Kettle Black

My mum passed away in October and among other things she left me with is a legacy of her old sayings and words she concocted when she didn't have one for the occasion. One of these was 'pot calling kettle black' a comment she frequently used when someone criticised another for things they do themselves. Last night at the Milonga de Mis Amores I committed such a thing... I played 2 tandas that the dancers told me they found undanceable! (regular readers will remember that I criticised another DJ for playing undanceable music last week) One of my mistakes was a tanda of De Mare milongas... particular 'Chatero De Aquel Etonces' and 'Senores, Yo Soy El Centro' which I put with 'La Esquina' - a milonga I love. "Garbled rhythmn" was one comment. Point taken. The other was a tanda of Gobbi - 'Orlando Goni', 'A Media Luz' and 'Racing Club' - all favourites but not apparently when recorded by Gobbi for this dancer - though an