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Music for dancing and music for the DJ

Music maketh the milonga - is the title of a piece we posted on TangoAustralia last month and once again this past weekend I was reminded of how the music can make or break the milonga for dancers.  I went to one milonga where the music was excellent and the dancers filled the floor - highlights including an excellent Di Sarli tanda , a fantastic Donato milonga tango with the great 'Sacale Punta', the superb 'Poema' leading off a beautiful Canaro tanda - and at least 2 great rhythmical D'Arienzo tandas. It didn't matter that there was a little candombe, and a couple of tandas that didn't urge me to dance - that's par for the course. Then I went to another milonga where there were only 2 milonga tandas all night and only 2 waltz tandas, and for me, no memorable tango tandas. The most memorable thing about one milonga tanda was the way it opened with a very fast candombe, then went to a obscure milongas which were not complimentary to the first - I feel