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The bored look will get you nowhere - or will it?

At Thursday night's Tango Encanto milonga I was intrigued to watch a tall, good-looking girl with great legs, move around the floor with her head awkwardly on one side, her eyes wandering all over the room and one of the most bored expressions I have seen in a long time.She didn't just do this with one partner - with whom she could quite possibly have been bored - she danced most of the night and she did it with every man she danced with - many of whom were experienced dancers.. She was clearly a beginner, but this is no excuse to look as if she would rather be anywhere but on the dance floor. She was moving in time to the music, so maybe she was concentrating on following.  However I think one needs to be aware that the  look on your face can be a real turnoff. Perhaps  teachers need to tell beginners about this. I would certainly find such a look a turnoff if I was a man looking to ask someone for a dance. Or do men just assume that the girl is only bored with her current pa