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Cold, cucumbers and tango

It's that time of year again when numbers are down at milongas because the nights are cold (for Sydney) and wet (torrential is an adjective created for our rain) and unless you can drive to the door in a warm car sometimes it is just too hard to go. And then you get a cold! Or your partner does - and rather than go to a milonga and pass germs around the dance floor, you decide to forgo it and stay home! At least that what's you hope those with colds will do. The Silver Fox has a cold this weekend so we will be staying home! Or maybe he will - I'll see. Which brings me to cucumbers! There has been a horrible outbreak of e.coli in Europe - a bacterium that hits suddenly and can kill. It is usually sourced to someone who didn't wash their hands after going to the toilet and before handling food. The poor old cucumber has been made the culprit, but now a bit of commonsense is coming into the media stories and it appears that cucumber could not be the cause. The link betwe