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Getting into the rhythm of Tango

I have just come back from a workshop with Joaquín Amenábar in which we tapped and sang and listened carefully to some of our favourites as he explained about the basic tango rhythm and melodies. I spend hours listening to tango music - and hours dancing to it - but there is always something more to learn. I also spent hours learning to play a musical instrument, studying music theory and supervising my childrens' music practices and I have done this workshop before - and it was still inspiring and exciting. When you sing to the music as you dance it is very difficult to dance out of time - though if you concentrate too hard on obscure things as I did a couple of times it can be done.  Professor Amenábar uses popular and well-known orchestras such as Di Sarli, Canaro, Orquesta Tipica Victor - songs every one of us had danced to many times. At the moment he is travelling around Australia giving workshops and performing at some of the milongas. You can read more about these worksho

Tango and Sleep

After years of writing about health I have heard this before but it still helps to remind oneself of the importance of sleep. A recent study has found that up to 10 hours sleep is ideal (not the 7 to 8 that most of us aim for!). Researchers at Stanford University persuaded 11 basketball players to aim for 10 hours every night for 5 to 7 weeks  and though they only averaged an extra 90 minutes a night, the study found their performance improved markedly. And it wasn't just their basketball  - their memories improved too. Babies, getting older, noise - and tango - all conspire against getting even the 7 to 8 that many of us crave - I certainly do! And it can be impossible to get this time with work, things that have to be done at home, social life and exercise routines... so what do the experts suggest. The good news is that too much sleep can be just as bad for overall health as too little - and we should just continue to aim for those precious 8 hours. And as we get older the aft