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Harem pants, comme il fauts and an international tango jetsetter

I laughed at this because it is funny! But it is also sad because there are women in Sydney who actually behave like this... and even make similar comments. A regular partner of mine, who is a beautiful leader, once asked a new tanguera to dance - and got a similar response!! Thanks again tangocynic.

Hosting a milonga

In the last few weeks I have been emailing a tanguera who is a long way away about the role of the host at a milonga - her problem began when she went to a milonga that appeared to be hostless and had a horrible time. She has since got involved with this milonga, which is run by a community organisation, and is giving it a face and a direction which is bringing in more and more dancers. So today when I spotted Arlene's posting about the role of a host  it seemed opportune to write a few words here. As one who hosts a milonga I know firsthand the organisation required before you even announce your event - finding a venue - then keeping the managers sweet - organising the night (music, refreshments, table set-up, lighting, door prizes....) and making sure you have the right insurance and licences. Then there is the question of hosting. I think of my milonga as I would a party at my house. The dancers are my guests (albeit paying otherwise I wouldn't be able to afford to do it) a