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Milonga Para Los Ninos

The first weekend in August saw the Milonga Para los Ninos weekend in Brisbane. John Lowry organises on an elegant and classy weekend with workshops, milongas and a Grand Milonga with live music - this year featuring Joaquin Amenabar and his Australian quartet. The Milonga Para Los Ninos is an event held around the world to raise money to assist underprivileged children of Buenos Aires John has just posted this video on Youtube of the Grand Ball at City Tattersalls in Brisbane. Sydney will hold their Milonga Para Los Ninos night on Sunday September 25 at the Marrickville Hard Court Tennis Club with a star performance by Fabian Peralta and Lorena Ermocida. TangoAustralia has just done an interview with Fabian Peralta - so watch the website for more news on this event - and of course the Sydney Tango Salon Festival which is happening on the following weekend.