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The Tango Dress

With the Big Sydney Tango Salon Festival only days away I am probably among many (women) wondering what to wear. I can't wear what I wore last year (can I?) I can't wear what I wore last week to the milonga at City Tatts - or last month to the milonga at the Russian Club... (no question)... and the tango budget is Tight. What with spending most of my tango income on updating the TangoAustralia website and buying CDs there is little left for a dress - and nothing for shoes. Last night my tango friend,  Miss Willow and I pondered the dilemma of dressing for tango. We both love the elegant fashions of the 1920s and 1930s, the long dropped waists and hems and the elegant slinky look - and I love the turbans (though I have only one to tango one or twice).  I love the longer hemlines - I wouldn't wear a dress that came half way up my thighs to tango even if I could, they lack the necessary elegance and are more suited to salsa!  The beading and feathers that were fashionable I a