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Ask a stranger to dance - please

This is a plea to Sydney's tangueros! Here we are in the middle of a Festival that has brought tangueras from far and wide and we really need to show them a touch of how friendly Sydneysiders can be. This is not Buenos Aires - it is Sydney - and we have some of the best tango dancers here teaching us - and performing for us and a wonderful opportunity to embrace the community. Last night a visiting tanguera, who is a beautiful dancer, told me sadly that she would love to dance with some of the men she did not know - but that they did not seem to be asking! And a FB friend remarked that last year Sydneysiders were noticeable in their cliquishness! and his friends weren't going this year because of it! So I am hoping that some of the men are reading Angelina as they get ready for tonight's milonga - with the bandoneonist Joaquin Amenabar and his musicians - and will ask a stranger for a dance...

Sydney - a town of tango cynics?

Sunday night was a horrible night - weatherwise. The temperature dropped something like 16 degrees (C), it was windy and wet - and the previous day it had been a balmy, sunny spring day... great for the charity running the Stay in Bed all day fundraiser, but not great for the Milonga Para Los Ninos fundraiser. Just over 70 people turned up for the event held at the Marrickville Hard Court Tennis Club which has one of the best dance floors in Sydney. The door price was a bit high too - is that the reason barely half the number turned up as came last time Sydney did this event? Noticeable in their absence were a few of the bigger tango schools and a couple of the smaller ones (though one, A Little Buenos Aires had the flu, so their absence is understandable,  where was the school run by one of Sydney's one-time tango champions?) Organising a tango event for charity has a mixed reception in Sydney and this event showed just how cynical Sydneysiders can be - even when two of the worl

What makes a Wonderful Playlist

Last night at the Milonga de Mis Amores we were treated to the music of my Favourite Tango DJ. This person has been my mentor since I began djing out of necessity (you can't run a milonga without a DJ!) and it was a very steep learning curve at the beginning and one that I keep climbing. He played tandas with many of what he calls the 'top pops'  - but that is what people want to dance to. And he is extremely generous with his playlist, putting a copy on each table. It is not set in stone though, if changes are needed because of time or birthday dances - that happens easily. My Favourite DJ has music I don't have - and he probably has the most extensive collection of Canaro in Australia, having spent a number of years seeking out all the music of Francisco Canaro from a particular period, then making sure he has it. He is also quite playful (!) with the music - last night he included two popular pieces twice - the first was 'Silueta Portena' - one of the best