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Hidden Treasure at the Sydney Tango Salon Festival

I missed Sunday night at the Festival because a friend I don't see often enough was in town. Big Mistake! Because I also missed the performance by Dante Sanchez and Angelica Avalos. Since like most of my tango friends I didn't know them - I had no idea what I was missing until I watched a few Youtube videos. But fate has played into the hands of those Sydneysiders who like me missed out - because their Melbourne visit has been cancelled at the last minute and they are now staying in Sydney. They will be doing workshops with Mauricio of Ruedisima this Saturday in Newcastle and next weekend they will be doing workshops and performing around Sydney (details below. Dante Sanchez was World Tango Salon Champion in 2007 - and you can see why. His footwork is simple and beautiful and worth watching just for the lápices (which translates as pencils and is used to describe the circular motion on the floor with the toe or inside edge of one foot while maintaining balance on the other f

Two very different nights of tango music

Here we are into our fifth day of the Sydney Salon Tango Festival - and I'm writing this for those who have missed out for one reason or another! It would take too long if I wrote about the classes - so I am concentrating on the milongas. Tonight the Milonga will be held at the South Sydney Juniors club in Kingsford as it has been for the last two nights. A vast area never before used by the tango organisers of Sydney it is reminiscent of Club Sunderland (for those who've been there) with a lower roof - or an aircraft hanger! But it has a huge floor, a stage for the musicians and plenty of space for tables. The organisers have done a wonderful job of making the space work and mixing the tables of people from different parts of the world. And the food has been outstanding - for those who like to enjoy a little sustenance while dancing. In fact the food at last night's Gala Milonga was excellent - and plenty of it. Given that Sydney Festivals in the past (not organised by th