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Shazam - an almost magic way of identifying tango music

Would you like a friend who could identify just about every piece of popular Golden Age Tango music for you - and even tell you the orchestra and sometimes the year and the CD you will find it on? I have such a friend and he is Amazing! I love listening to tango music with him because I learn so much. However when my friend is not around he has recommended an iphone App which is almost as good. So I downloaded it. I threw in a few curly ones - and a bit of classical to see just how good it is. It got all the old time jazz right, so then I thought I'd ask it about tango. It recognized Demare's 1946 recording of 'Dos Corozones' and Synergy Percussion's performance of Ross Edward's 'Dragonfly Dance' (one of my favourite classical pieces). There was no problem with 'Loca de Amor' (Rodolfo Biagi) and Anibal Troilo's 'Malena', it correctly identified Di Sarli's 'Tu...El Cielo y tu' and D'Arienzo's ' Milonga Vieja Mi

Tango in the Chateau as it snows - so beautiful

I started to write this post the night after the Tango Ball in the Chateau Tongariro on New Zealand's North Island, but for some reason those little gremlins that work in mysterious ways in a Cloud were not going to allow it - so it has had to wait until I got home. It was a wonderful night... and I hope for the sake of all the Aussies who cancelled - or just weren't interested - that they do it again! The Chateau Tongariro is a beautiful hotel watched over by one of New Zealand's most famous mountains, Mount Ngauruhoe (aka Mount Doom from the world of the hobbits) and it was showing off it's finery on Saturday. Snow-capped, it shone in a golden light as the sun set and the red vegetation in the foreground provided a perfect stage.  Later in the night it snowed - and the cars in the carpark were covered in a dusting of snow which melted early in the morning. The Chateau has a picture window that frames the Mountain and the top dance floor was just in front of this w