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Bad manners in Tango

There's a thread on Tango-L that goes way back to 2003 and begins with  the following: "tango seems to attract some of the rudest people in the world. I have NEVER run into such rude behavior in any other social situation. Why is it that tango tolerates it?" I couldn't put it better. How do you describe the DJ who abandons his partner and dashes across the dance floor when he thinks he sees someone is looking at his playlist on his laptop (which is in a public spot on the way to the bathrooms) and slams down the lid without a word, stopping the music? His partner stood there bemused. Later he mumbles something about it being his 'intellectual property' - really? and ignores the explanation of the 'culprit' that he was looking at the amplifier settings (because the music sounded like it was being played through a row of kettle drums)!  Or the man who brushed off my request to him (it was not a request to dance) as though he was brushing off a b