Chaplin didn't dance tango - did he?

I have just spent a glorious afternoon on a wet Australia Day trolling through the channel for La Milonga de Treno.  Thank goodness I am going dancing tonight or I would have to watch them all. The person behind this channel has spent hours putting some of the best tango music to old film clips - many of them famous. I hope that they don't all get taken down by Youtube... just in case - take a look at this - then if you have a whole afternoon/evening/day - check out the rest of the channel!! Very clever.


Shayne said…
People are so clever. I restrained myself from watching the others.
LeadingLady said…
Thanks much... for posting! This person makes a wonderful job. My Friday night was gone.....

This will be helpfull for me also because I am exploring the connection with steps and music. This gave me lot of new toughts!

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