Giving instruction on the milonga floor

This has always been an issue as there seem to be some who think it is okay to instruct on a milonga floor, rather than reserving it for a practica or a private lesson. Recently I have seen this happen openly and covertly. When it is done openly it can disrupt the dance floor - and upset the vibe as well as the other dancers. When it is done 'undercover' as it were, it can also disrupt things - as I also saw recently where a dancer was obviously obliged to dance with the one person (I presume they were being paid) and was instructing their partner on the floor.
Practising moves off the dance floor - in a corner of the room for example is fine, but practising and/or instructing on the floor is not good manners. I am surprised that some think it is okay - just as I am surprised to hear one teacher touting for business at another teacher's milonga! I accept that tango is a legitimate business for many teachers - and organisers - but I don't accept that it is okay to use other's events in this way.


Anonymous said…
If that was a lady teaching an older chap, think she had been taxi gaming him at several places.

But if there is no stopping and talking, what is the harm?
Anonymous said…
I also agree, where is the harm,as for poaching students what sort of person would do that?
David G
Anonymous said…
I agree too, what's the harm? Isn't that better than him being put off because no one will dance with him because he's a beginner?

Maybe he'll improve drastically with this personal attention and the women will thank him for making the effort to get personal instruction on how to dance at a milonga.

Another thing, not everyone wishes to swap partners. You won't find a traditional argentine (non-teaching) couple swapping partners!
Anonymous said…
" get personal instruction on how to dance at a milonga."

This is what a practica is for.
Anonymous said…
An ambience is created and for those who have never experienced it a wonderful energy can be created in the ronda. The social dance floor is for social dancing. How often is it that those who teach on the dance floor are usually those who really don't know what they are doing. Leading is done with the body. Not the mouth.

Teachers who teach on someone else's dance floor show a lack of respect for the organizer. It is very tacky.

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