Not enough milonga or waltz...?

It is only when you begin to learn to dance tango that you discover that there is also milonga, waltz - but it is tango you learn first and it is no doubt tango that brought you to class. When I say tango I mean the music based on the regular four beats to a bar that is so recognisable in 'La Cumparsita'. Of course there is so much to learn in tango that you can concentrate on just learning to dance to this music. But the milonga is fun with its faster beat and syncopation and the waltz is beautiful.
When I go to a milonga I want to dance more than tango - I like the music that is presented by the DJ to include at least one milonga and one waltz tanda an hour.  Not a lot to ask when you consider the repertoire. Which brings me to my point - why are there tango DJs in Sydney who play just one milonga and one waltz tanda all night? And why when they do do they eschew the fabulous milongas of Donato, D'Arienzo or Lomuto - or the waltzes of Biagi or Rodigruez and give us something different - and usually not as good?  These DJs are mostly considered to be among our best - and I have learnt much from at least one of them - but I can't understand why they don't balance the night's playlist.
Your thoughts please.... 


Louis said…
Just curious: how long are the milongas in Sydney usually? What orchestras (for milonga and vals) are usually played if the ones you listed have been excluded?
Hi Louis,
Milongas in Sydney last from 3 1/2 hours on weeknights to 5 hours on some Saturdays.
It's not so much the orchestras as the era. Fresedo for example is superb in the 30s but goes steadily off beam in the late 40s and 50s IMHO. Pugliese has a couple of good milongas - 'Tortazos' 'Un Baile A Benficio' but if you played 'La Vaquita' it would be a mess. Frequently the ones that are played are modern orchestras - such as Sassone or even Color Tango.
Wallflower said…
Vals is like going for a walk on a bright spring morning, and milonga is like dodging raindrops in a sudden summer downpour. Both are refreshing for the mind and muscles. I'd go crazy without them.
Patricia said…
In Adelaide people love dancing to milongas and valses, so I would normally include about 3 tandas of each when I DJ. OF course, a tanda of milongas by Canaro is a must!
Louis said…
I see. I was wondering that perhaps the durations of the milongas were too short? Anyway, using a conventional structure of arranging music, there should be at least one tanda of vals and milonga EACH for every hour, so one milonga or vals for the entire night of 3.5hrs is quite odd as you said.

Agreed with the comment concerning milongas by Canaro. Of the milongas by other orchestras, I must admit that I'd hardly ever play Color Tango, and never Fresedo or Puglisese so far.
Anonymous said…
1 tanda each? Isn't tango-tango-milonga-tango-tango-vals the norm? At least it is here in Greece. And add the beautifull valses of De Angelis to your list.


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