Buenos Aires, Palermo Soho and a great concept in shoes

Day two in Buenos Aires. (no Day one report - I slept!) This is my 5th visit and every time I come I notice changes. Not to the footpaths mind you - they are still as broken up and potholed as they were on my first visit in 2003 - or maybe worse. Nor to the mess left by dogs! (I wonder if the Argentinians will legislate for owners picking up their dog's mess if they ever renew their pavements??). This time prices have gone up again (last visit 2010). However there seems to be more choice - and the food continues to get fresher. Today we wandered round Palermo Soho taking in the shops, the eateries and the atmosphere. A really pretty part of town, many of the tree-lined streets with their streetscapes dappled with sunshine are reminiscent of a European city - or parts of Melbourne! We found a great cafe for lunch - Mama Racha - which I later discover is listed in a Guardian travel article as one of BA's best cafes. A one-time corner store, it has tables outside and in, and a wide verandah on the second floor with more tables. More importantly it has a good range of salads, stirfries and sandwiches - good enough to be found in the cafes of Surry Hills, or Fitzroy. But even better we found 2 x 4 Al pie - a fantastic shoe concept for men that the Silver Fox fell in love with immediately. Beautiful looking leather shoes, most come with an interchangeable sole - leather, suede or rubber. Ideal for the slipperiness of the floor at the new milonga in Willoughby. When I asked why they did not do womens' shoes I was told that women are too capricious in their shoe needs and it is not possible to do this style of shoe and cater to women - it is not economical. (I think perhaps they could choose 3 or 4 classical styles and make them in different permutations though which would appeal to many). They look fantastic...but I have advised the Fox that he must not wear them in BA - he must wear his old ones, otherwise - according to 'Happy Tango" - he may be mistaken for a newbie!! You will find 2 X 4 al pie at 1753 Scalabrini Ortiz between 2 and 7 on weekdays, and 3 to 7 on Saturday. www.2x4alpie.com


Louis said…
When 2x4 was still a relatively new-comer about 3-4 years ago, they did have a few models for women, but I guess they were not popular even back then. Their women's shoes seemed a little heavy compared to other fashionable brands (and mroe expensive!); also, perhaps they were only practical for teachers who need to perform at different venues with varying floor conditions.
As with any new shoe, there is a “get to know you period” especially when it comes to running, but, for everything from jumping rope to box jumping to hiking outside with the kids, I can honestly tell you these shoes feel fantastic.
tangocherie said…
Will we see you tomorrow at Los Consagrados? Let us know!
(I hope so.)
BTW, 2x4Pied used to make women's shoes with the interchangeable soles, but perhaps they weren't a success. I never tried them--happily stuck in my "old" Comme Il Fauts!
Mark said…
I loved my 2x4's until I managed to lose them. Unfortunately Chacho didn't have the ones I wanted in my size when I went to buy a replacement pair.

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