Day 5 in Buenos Aires: good food, Ideal and a bit of jazz

Each day begins with a leisurely communal breakfast where we plan our day - and spend some time planning our day. Of the 6 of us, only one has not been to BA before and 4 of us have been a number of times, so we are exploring part of the city that we have not yet visited, or re-visiting favourites. Los Remolinos comes in the last category. A typical Argentinian restaurant on Suipacha which we discovered 9 years ago when we stayed in a hotel opposite for the World Tango Festival. In those days we were greeted by non-English speaking older waiters who proffered sherry when we sat down together with the ubiquitous  basket of bread. Those days are long gone, taking with them the complimentary limoncello at the end of the meal as well. An excellent parilla, together with other typical Argentinian dishes have been joined by a more modern salad (no longer the separate grated carrot, shredded lettuce and sliced tomato).
I ordered a Medallion de Lomas , which,  unlike our medallions which are the shape and size of a small coffee saucer, was the size of a mini roast.  Excellently grilled, though barely rare, it was delicious. We also had two jugs of clerico, a mix of fruit salad with wine poured on top - basically a punch. I finished the meal with an excellent dish of dulce de leche and chocolate ice-cream. I have been working on creating my own dulce de leche ice cream so it was good to taste the real thing!
We returned to our hotel and changed for the afternoon milonga at Confiteria Ideal. This decaying tango edifice is still a great spot for afternoon dancing, though it is not air conditioned and is almost crumbling beneath the dancers' feet. We sat in an out of the way corner, behind a cluster of men, which was a mistake for me as I didn't get any dances with locals and after a while I decided that sleep was more attractive and headed back for that afternoon siesta that has become so important!
This evening jazz was on the menu instead of tango. I have always enjoyed most jazz so it was wonderful to have the chance to head out into the suburbs to listen to a band that included our friend Raul - who divides his time between BA and Sydney. A trip on the Subte took us to a Bavarian restaurant in Belgrano and a very pleasant evening of good jazz and good company.


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