Tango - so much to learn, so much to read

I'm off to BA in a couple of days! For a week - before travelling on to parts of Peru and Chile - some of which I have visited before some I haven't. And today, as I sat in the doctor's waiting room, I read a large part of 'Happy Tango. Sallycat's Guide to Dancing in Buenos Aires'. I'm a convert - don't travel to Buenos Aires to dance tango without having a copy. This will be my fifth trip and I have learnt a heap already. So even if you have been before you will find something in there that you didn't know before - and if you are a newbie, or this is your first visit, it's essential! As I will only be there for a week, one of the best sections is 'The Week at a Glance' - in three sections for Tourists, Traditional dancers and those who want informal, it will save any tanguera/o hours of research and probably many mistakes - as will reading the sections on the cabaceo and codigos. I have had a copy of this book on my desk for some months and only now do I really appreciate. My only quibble is no index(as a long-time editor and author I believe that every book must have an index.) So Sally if you go into a second print do consider this. You can buy a copy through my Amazon store - see right. Or check out Sally's website. The other book that you see advertised on the right is "Church of Tango" written by Cherie from TangoCherie. I am saving this to read on the plane! But in the meantime I thought I would add a link to that as well. Cherie writes so well I am sure that it too will be a great read.


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