The tango wow factor

We are back in town - and back into the tango scene. Not dancing for 3 weeks, we also went the night before to get in a bit of practise, but I was still wobbly at the beginning of the night.
And after watching last night's performance by Carolina Bonaventura and Francisco Forquera I wish that we could do the workshops with them this weekend - or even take off to South Australia for Buenos Aires in the Vales which we had originally hoped to do. But work commitments have got in the way!!
Last night's performance was brilliant tango. It had all the elements, fine technique, clever and precise footwork, originality, passion and beauty! Carolina's footwork is faultless, and looks effortless, and Francisco's disassociation amazing. Sitting next to me, Monsieur Botton Hole, was in awe of his leading and pointed out a number of times when he led very difficult moves.
They danced three numbers - sorry I forgot to write down the first 2 - but the last was Tango Negro. I check of youtube will find plenty dancing to this song and fortunately there is one of Carolina and Francisco at the Red House in Taipei in 2010. Enjoy!

Workshops in Sydney are organised by the Sydney Salon Tango Festival - and there is another milonga on Anzac Day -  and Buenos Aires in the Vales is next weekend in Adelaide.


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