Small milongas, Big pleasure

Over the last 3 nights I have been to what some refer to as 'boutique milongas' - the smaller milongas in Sydney where there may only be 30 or 40 dancers but where the floorcraft is good, the standard of dancing is good, the music is good to excellent - and the company is good! I didn't dance all night, but the dances I had were good - at least 2 tandas were memorable.
Following on from my last posts about raising the standard, it is good to be reminded that you can still have a memorable tango experience in Sydney. I could go dancing again tonight, but I think I may be pushing my luck - though there is one I would love to attend, it is cold and wet! I will savour the dances of the last few nights - and stay in with a good glass of Aussie vino!


Louis said…
Just curious, which ones are the "boutique milongas" you mentioned?
Woollahra - Tango Encanto's Thursday night milonga at the Woollahra Golf Club - great music.
Willoughby - the Friday milonga by TangoAustralia (yes I run it, and I had a good time, some lovely dances)
Sydney - City Tatts milonga by Tango Spirit. Parking puts a lot of people off, but it's really worth the effort - DJ Anthony is fabulous.
Patricia said…
We have a theory that the energy of the music and dancers is lost in a sparsely populated milonga.

You may find Bob's thoughts in "Give me a packed milonga" of interest.

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