Warm, friendly - and delightful dancers

Sydney is currently hosting two dancers new to our community - Mauro Caiazza and Karina Guillén. They are two of the most friendly and delightful dancers we have had teaching and performing in our community over the last few years.
The organisers at Tango Reo, who are relatively new in the Sydney tango community, decided to put together this Tango Week of workshops and performances with very little time up their sleeve. The workshops have had great feedback and Mauro and Karina are giving and talented teachers.
On Sunday I enjoyed their performances at the Artarmon milonga of A Little Buenos Aires - and I am delighted that I will get the opportunity to watch them again at the Milonga de Mis Amores at North Sydney Leagues Club on Saturday.
If you are in town do come! You won't be disappointed.
You can watch their performance last Friday at Tango Pasion's milonga on Facebook where you will also find details on the remaining workshops - I believe there is actually a shortage of women at one of them!!
Thank you to David Storm for the photos taken on Sunday.


Rachael said…
So great to see that tango is growing in Sydney. I lived there for a while in 2009 and there is so much that is new and interesting.

Bye from Cape Town


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