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When I do a milonga I want it to be special. And with the performance by Daniel Nacucchio and Cristina Sosa at our Friday Willougbhy milonga I was determined to do the best I could. I think it was a huge success - but my patrons will be the judge. I hope they return to Club Willoughby on the 2nd Friday for our milongas, now they know that it is a beautiful, if fast, floor and that it is very easy to get to - and to park once you get there. But most most all because they like the ambience and enjoy dancing to my music! For me the highlight of the night was not the dancers, though they were superb, but the compliment paid to me by one of Sydney's two top DJs. For years I have listened to his music and attended his milongas with pleasure and to be told that he enjoyed the music so much he couldn't stop dancing was Fantastic!! So I am coming down... and getting ready to do a milonga at North Sydney Leagues Club on the 28th July. It is interesting how little things can make one feel so happy!


Anonymous said…
Mareno Danceware should be congratulated for arranging the visit of these world champions, as such visits bring our tango community together. I was nevertheless reminded of what a good friend said to me in BsAs while I was taking classes with a very famous dancer “Just because they can dance does not mean they can teach” I personally am not keen on showy performances unless they are exceptional, into which category I put Diego Blanco and Ana Padron

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