It's World Tango Championship time again

Each year it seems to come round more quickly. This year the salon Tango champions are locals - which will please the Argentinos!In fact the top 4 couples were all Argentinian. Facundo de la Cruz Gomez Palavecino and Paola Sanz, who are couple in real life as well, won with a score of 8.81 from the jury of seven. There were 491 coupls from 32 countries (not Australia) in the competition and 42 couples made it to the final. This year the festival also paid tribute to Astor Piazzolla, whose orchestral tangos are loved by many outside the world of tango dancing - as well as within. Piazzolla's grandson, Daniel Piazzolla, brought together an octet in the style of the Electronic Octet, a group Astor Piazzolla established in the 1970s. Here is a video of the winning couple performing at the famous Salon Canning this month.