Still on about seating

Following on from my last post over the weekend I attended four milongas - including the Saturday night one at Marrickville. This has to be one of the best milongas in town - the DJ, Fabian has a great knowledge of Golden Age tango and the floor is one of the biggest and best - and the hosts are unassuming and delightful. But the seating leads to a huge mob of people clustering at one end around 3 long tables and the rectangular tables down the side being virtually deserted. I don't believe this venue has smaller tables and therefore I can't see a solution, but it was interesting, given my current interest in seating, how it unbalanced the milonga. I would like to know what Sydney people feel about it - or don't they care? At Saturday's Milonga de Mis Amores you will find the small tables facing the floor.


Anonymous said…
I agree absolutely about the Marrickville Milonga. The music, floor, hosts, parking etc are all really great ... but the lighting is bad and the seating arrangement is awful. It results in "cliques" of established dancers from one or two schools who sit together and hardly ever mix. It is hard to attract the attention of anyone at the long tables without approaching them directly, and cabeceo across the room is out of the question - but it shouldn't be. Anyone foolish enough to sit down the dark sides of the room,(or unlucky enough to be put there) is - particularly if they are new, or not part of the normal crowd - destined to a night of sitting and watching and waiting. And I’m sorry but a candle on the table does not help. As a leader, if you’re looking to dance with someone from the head of the room, the only really viable spot– if you’re not part of the “high tables”, is to hover near the bar and hope that you can swoop on someone before they dance with their mates again. This results in a crush near the bar and the cake table. For followers, if you sit with a partner, or at any of the side tables the chance of someone making an effort to come across to you from one of the head tables is ... low. Perhaps the assumption is that that is where only the beginners sit. At any rate, at other milongas, the seating is more evenly distributed, smaller tables, better lit (ambient lighting) and better access between tables, and this arrangement seems to lend itself to a more generous approach to dancing with people of different experiences and origins.

it would be interesting if the "reserved" tables were distributed differently for a change. Worth a try?

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