Dancing to tango music

My recent post on dancing 'tango' to music that is not tango has led me to read more widely on what dancing means to those who love tango and I have found some inciteful and thought-provoking stuff.
Tango Commuter wrote recently about the days when dancers went to milongas with live music. He (i use 'he' as the blogger appears to be male but has no stated gender) makes the point that there was an excitement about live music that just isn't there today when we dance to recorded music, even when it is digitally enhanced and played on excellent sound systems. 'Imagine the anticipation of going to a milonga knowing that Di Sarli would be there in person' he writes.
 I have imagined this as I have been fortunate to dance with men who have done just that. One of these men was a favourite partner until he passed away last year, and if we were dancing to an orchestra he had danced to live in his youth, he would get a distant look in his eyes and describe how moving and wonderful this orchestra was. These menwho lived in Argentina or Uruguay when the orchestras and their singers were what drove the dance scene, not the venue, or the other dancers, or the DJ. And it reminded me again that I came to tango because of tango music - the dancing came next and was something I thought I would never be able to do.
Tango Commuter took me to a posting by a milonguero of Buenos Aires which was written 14 years ago, but is still very relevant.
Cacho Dante wrote then that the dancers who really knew what they were doing danced just five steps… "but with real quality… they learned from the orchestras at the time: how to navigate the dance floor; how to lead the rhythm. They danced then to some of the best orchestras live every day: Osvaldo Pugliese, Anibal Troilo, Juan D'Arienzo, Francisco Canaro, Alfred Gobbi, etc."
How can you learn from the orchestra (music) if you are not dancing to tango I ask?

[Unfortunately Di Sarli did not allow himself to be filmed when he was playing so we don't have a recording to show... but here is clip from the 1930s of dancing to Francisco Canaro).


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