Pugliese - a musician of the people

I frequently surf around buddhist sites - I love yoga and I love what little I know about Buddhism. Today I discovered this article about Pugliese written by Daisaku Ikeda, the former president of SGI, an Buddhist organisation.  Ikedu met Pugliese in 1989 and was so impressed that he wrote an article about the man and the meeting for the SGI's online magazine.
Writes Ikeda:
"Pugliese's serious, scholarly demeanor disguised a soul burning with powerful emotions. He once told the members of his orchestra: "We are sailing on the vast ocean of tango. The important thing is to know the currents that will lead us to the harbor of the people's hearts. . . . Tango must always be interpreted in terms of human emotions. It has a human voice. That is why we must bring forth a sound that accurately expresses those emotions."
This offers us a glimpse into the secret of Pugliese's long musical career. As a tango player, you need to keep your ears tuned to the times, listening until you can physically sense what people are feeling in the depths of their hearts. You need to constantly strive for self-renewal until you yourself become an instrument that plays in harmony with the voices of the people."
 The reasons for Pugliese's success, he says later , "were his iron determination to always stay in tune with the people and his faith in their infinite creativity. "My greatest teacher has always been the people," he declared."

This is probably the best article I have read on Pugliese and well worth a read if you are interested in the people behind the music.
We've given our Friday milonga at Club Willoughby a new name: La Yumba in honour of the great man. 


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