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Happy 2012 - let us dance with joy!

Yes I will dance today - tonight actually on one of the best floors in Sydney at the Marrickville venue of Tango Entre Amigos! Can't wait... it is a week since we have been to a milonga and it is funny how much you miss it when you can't go! Australians are really set on closing everything down over Christmas New Year - and for many into January and I really don't like it!! My yoga classes take it to an extreme and there are actually no regular classes for a month. My favourite Growers Markets also take almost a month off (surely the hens are still laying and certainly the fruit and vegies are growing in this warm, wet summer). Tango, thank goodness carried on over Christmas New Year - it is the first time there have actually been milongas on NYE and Christmas Eve for some years (but I couldn't go because of family commitments). So tonight I will dance - I hope you are getting your quota of tango over Christmas/New Year - and that you have a very Happy 2012 packed wit