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Leading ladies

Recently I have had some interesting discussions with other women about women leading in tango. With a shortage of men at many tango classes - and this seems to be a big thing at the moment especially in Sydney - some women will volunteer to lead. I spoke to a tango teacher who told me that when men dance as a follower they learn more about leading - but that it doesn't work the other way round. So I asked a couple of men who have danced with women who like to lead and they say that it can cause problems for them as the woman is not as a good follower as she used to be! One tanguera told me she didn't like dancing with women because the female lead is generally not strong. There's also the issue of big boobs - which can make it uncomfortable.  Of course if you dance like the women in the old French postcard on the left it wouldn't be a problem! I have danced with women but would never choose to dance with a woman over a man - and I am sure many feel the same. Your t