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Not enough milonga or waltz...?

It is only when you begin to learn to dance tango that you discover that there is also milonga, waltz - but it is tango you learn first and it is no doubt tango that brought you to class. When I say tango I mean the music based on the regular four beats to a bar that is so recognisable in 'La Cumparsita'. Of course there is so much to learn in tango that you can concentrate on just learning to dance to this music. But the milonga is fun with its faster beat and syncopation and the waltz is beautiful. When I go to a milonga I want to dance more than tango - I like the music that is presented by the DJ to include at least one milonga and one waltz tanda an hour.  Not a lot to ask when you consider the repertoire. Which brings me to my point - why are there tango DJs in Sydney who play just one milonga and one waltz tanda all night? And why when they do do they eschew the fabulous milongas of Donato, D'Arienzo or Lomuto - or the waltzes of Biagi or Rodigruez and give us somet