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Beautiful Buenos Aires and the cold shoulder at Club Gricel

Buenos Aires does sunshine very well - and yesterday (Friday) we had beautiful weather again - max was probably around 27degC and the sun shone all day with a light breeze. I set off in the morning with my very good friend DJ Incredible to visit the famous Zivals (home of Tango CDs and more) on Corrientes and then the Buenos Aires Tango Club - mission CD shopping. It didn't take long to gather enough CDs for door prizes at the Milonga de Mis Amores for the next 12 months and then to collect the CDs on my wants list. I create my wants list throughout the year when I hear a piece I don't have as part of a playlist. Mission accomplished we returned to the hotel to meet up with friends for an excellent wholefood lunch at Alma Zen cafe in Diagonale Norte then off again. This time the mission was women-only - we were off to Comme Il Faut. I have had at least 20 pairs of their shoes over the years (not many compared to other tangueras I know) and knew what I wanted - and that I could

Buenos Aires, Palermo Soho and a great concept in shoes

Day two in Buenos Aires. (no Day one report - I slept!) This is my 5th visit and every time I come I notice changes. Not to the footpaths mind you - they are still as broken up and potholed as they were on my first visit in 2003 - or maybe worse. Nor to the mess left by dogs! (I wonder if the Argentinians will legislate for owners picking up their dog's mess if they ever renew their pavements??). This time prices have gone up again (last visit 2010). However there seems to be more choice - and the food continues to get fresher. Today we wandered round Palermo Soho taking in the shops, the eateries and the atmosphere. A really pretty part of town, many of the tree-lined streets with their streetscapes dappled with sunshine are reminiscent of a European city - or parts of Melbourne! We found a great cafe for lunch - Mama Racha - which I later discover is listed in a Guardian travel article as one of BA's best cafes. A one-time corner store, it has tables outside and in, and a wi

Tango - so much to learn, so much to read

I'm off to BA in a couple of days! For a week - before travelling on to parts of Peru and Chile - some of which I have visited before some I haven't. And today, as I sat in the doctor's waiting room, I read a large part of 'Happy Tango. Sallycat's Guide to Dancing in Buenos Aires'. I'm a convert - don't travel to Buenos Aires to dance tango without having a copy. This will be my fifth trip and I have learnt a heap already. So even if you have been before you will find something in there that you didn't know before - and if you are a newbie, or this is your first visit, it's essential! As I will only be there for a week, one of the best sections is 'The Week at a Glance' - in three sections for Tourists, Traditional dancers and those who want informal, it will save any tanguera/o hours of research and probably many mistakes - as will reading the sections on the cabaceo and codigos. I have had a copy of this book on my desk for some months