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The condor passed - or el condor paso

Our bus and driver arrived early for the drive to Colca Canyon where we would overnight before a very early start to drive to the viewing place in the hope of seeing the mighty condor. On our previous trips to Peru we had missed this trip because it is not easy to get to. The sun shone as we drove through the honking, haphazard traffic that still frightens and amazes us and into the rolling hills of the Andes. The drive would take us to around 5,000 metres above sea level so we seriously chewed on Coco and Maca sweets and drank heaps of water in the hope of avoiding altitude sickness. You never know when this complaint will strike.  This is my third trip to the Andes, I experienced nothing the first time - though we did start in Arequipa, drink lots of Mate and take it easy; the second time I felt quite ill by the time we got to Urubamba; this time I experienced it slightly when we up around the 4,200 mark to see the El Tatio I was taking all the precautions I could. Th