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Dance floors disappearing fast in Sydney

The last couple of weeks I have spent much of my spare time looking for a dance floor - not a portable one, or one the size of a small dining table; not one that is long and thin like a fashion runway, or one that is buried under restaurant tables - just a wooden floor at least 7metres square if it is surrounded by carpet - or a room with a wooden floor the size of a large double garage. I can tell you that they are very, very scarce in Sydney. For the last four years we have run a Saturday milonga at an RSL in a function room that had a reasonable dance floor,  a reasonable sound and lighting system and space around the floor for tables and chairs. But the cost of keeping on staff till midnight forced the management to rethink our regular booking and we must now look elsewhere. Ten years ago, when I first ran a milonga in Sydney, there were many more clubs, many more dance floors and fewer restrictions caused by staffing costs. Many of these clubs no longer exist, or now use the roo