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The desire to improve one's tango

Yes I would love to be a better tango dancer... yes I know I should do more classes/workshops/privates...I am simply coasting along in my tango. One of Sydney's better tango teachers told me this week I was 'very nice to dance with' but I know I would love to do better. So what stops me from doing something about it? I have decided to take a couple of small  steps to improvement. I have enrolled in 2 forthcoming workshops - and I may do more. I know I really need to do privates with a good leader as well. Possibly what stops me is what stops many. Time. Tango is hugely time consuming. You can give it every moment of your spare time and still not feel satisfied. I think it is what keeps so many of us coming back for more. I have an extended family, a part-time job and I'm a freelance writer. I love to cook, to read and  to walk every day and I do yoga at least twice a week. Throw in a few coffees with friends, the occasional trip to the theatre - and there's not a