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How women affect the standards on their tango scene

The quote that follows comes from a comment made on my last post about raising my own standard of tango... Patricia wrote :"Some women choose to dance with men who pull & push them around, have poor floor-craft, whose personal hygiene is wanting, etc. What incentive do those men have to "lift their game"? Possibly very little. I'll be blunt. Those men are being rewarded by women for anti-social behaviour. Dare I say, we ladies CAN influence standards. We just need to be determined to do so and simply not accept this." How right she is. This is definitely a problem - and more so at some of the milongas I attend than others. The problem as I see it at the milongas where women dance with men who progress through the ronda as if they were pushing shopping trolleys or dancing the polka, or where they have remarkable BO problems, is that there is a drastic shortage of men and the women who dance with these 'leaders' do so simply to get a dance/danc