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Busy busy tango scene - next Daniel and Cristina

Friday night we ran a milonga at Willoughby - small crowd, good dancers, delightful vibe - but running a milonga is always tiring. Last night I went to the milonga at Concord RSL run by Tango Synergy - a big night, with the tango band Fuego Blanco performing (extremely well) and performances by Hosanna Heinrich and Anibal Montenegro who will be touring Oz in the next month or so. There is much happening... which is always good. The next big thing is the 6 days that Daniel Nacucchio and Cristina Sosa (left) are in town. This couple have visited Oz before and, as one-time World Tango Champions, they are hugely popular as teachers and performers. During this visit to Sydney they will give a practica and workshop on their first evening here with Tango Embrace, then on the weekend they will perform at our milonga! at Club Willoughby on the Friday night and again at A Little Buenos Aires Milonga at Petersham RSL on the Saturday night - both performances will be different. I am very excit