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To teach... or not to teach

This is not a dilemma I have. I have been learning to dance tango for more than a decade and many of the people I first went to class with in Sydney have set themselves up as tango teachers - with varied success, but always with a following. I love tango music - it was that which first drew me to the dance - and I do organise milongas, two or three times a month. Because I don't teach I don't have a loyal crowd of followers who would come to my milongas regardless...I rely on people knowing that we play Golden Age classics and do our utmost to make each milonga special and it is much more difficult to attract customers this way, but all the milonga organisers in BA don't teach - and I don't want to teach something I have not been trained to teach. Why am I writing this post today? Because I have just seen an announcement on FB about yet another tango 'teacher' setting up. It is a good little money earner if you get the expenses right, and I believe that every su

Piazzolla and a Power Failure

Tonight I was going to work on the TangoAustralia newsletter so the August issue could go out on time - but we had a power failure! and with my computer having low battery and no internet connection it was not to be. However we did have power in the family room and so with my cats on my lap I sat and listened tp a beautiful concert of Piazzolla, which was part of the Australian Festival of Chamber Music and being broadcast from Townsville (in far north Queensland for those readers not familiar with Australia). Here it is cold and raining (temp 10deg), in Townsville it is warm (14deg) and it was delightful to listen to the beautiful music as the rain fell on our flat roof, knowing this - it somehow made me feel warmer! The program was played by the Camerata of St Johns and the Storioni Trio and their Piazzolla was world class. They played some of the great Piazzolla favourites including ' Milonga del Angel' and 'Libertango' and one of my very great favourites 'Milon