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why run a milonga

I run milongas and I don't teach - to some this makes me a pariah - I am not sure why. I suspect they think I make pots of money from the milongas, or that I do it to make others lives miserable! On the contrary I run milongas because I love organising events, I love putting together playlists of Golden Age, I get a real buzz when people tell me they have enjoyed the night and it is a great social occasion for me. Today I was reading an article about tango in Buenos Aires in relation to the ongoing Festival/Championship and there was a very well-thought out paragraph on the roll of the milonga which said: "Milongas have always been the lynch pin of tango culture. However they are independently financed and generally receive no financial subsidy from the government. Coordinating and sustaining a milonga is a precarious business. The organiser must rent a salon, hire a band, and pay to market the event. Often the salon owner takes all the money from the bar, leaving only the mo