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Still on about seating

Following on from my last post over the weekend I attended four milongas - including the Saturday night one at Marrickville. This has to be one of the best milongas in town - the DJ, Fabian has a great knowledge of Golden Age tango and the floor is one of the biggest and best - and the hosts are unassuming and delightful. But the seating leads to a huge mob of people clustering at one end around 3 long tables and the rectangular tables down the side being virtually deserted. I don't believe this venue has smaller tables and therefore I can't see a solution, but it was interesting, given my current interest in seating, how it unbalanced the milonga. I would like to know what Sydney people feel about it - or don't they care? At Saturday's Milonga de Mis Amores you will find the small tables facing the floor.