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Sydney Tango Salon Festival Milongas

As I write this I am wondering if Anonymous from Brisbane? came to this year's Tango Festival. He wrote a very interesting critique of last year's event on this blog and I would love to hear his assessment of this year's. In the meantime here are my impressions of this year's milongas - well 2 of them. I didn't go to the Welcome milonga for reasons I won't go into here. And I find I am unable to do workshops and milongas in the same day - I just can't last the distance. Last night (Saturday) and (Friday) the milongas were held at the South Sydney Juniors Leagues Club in Kingsford. This is a venue that is not used by Sydney milonga organisers because it is huge! but it is perfectly suited to the Festival milongas. A huge parquet floor, a stage and a low ceiling are a good canvas to work with. Soft lighting, not too low, not too bright, some spots to give a bit of vibrancy and lights over the supper table are enough. The layout is long tables at right angles