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Watered down tango - really?

Argentine Tango is more than dance, it is more than the music… it is a culture. It has a rich history and it takes a lifetime just to scratch the surface of the great musicians and dancers that gave it the credibility to be named by Unesco as part of the world's cultural heritage in 2009. So why would you want to water it down? Why would you want to dance the movements of tango to pop music, or classical music? Why do some people think they can 'improve' on tango by dancing a form of the dance to Mozart, or folk singers, and say they are dancing tango. Don't get me wrong I have no objection to people dancing to Monty Python, George MIchael, Bruce Springsteen or Beethoven - on the contrary I think it is great…but I am at a loss to understand why they would call it 'tango'…. or tango fusion or anything else with tango as the adjective or noun. The tango music that was created at the height of the great composers, musicians and orchestras from Gerardo Matos Rodri