Hot night, Tango Tranzas and a Festival milonga

Last night was the Milonga and Show at the Petersham Town Hall.  This is a grand old art deco  town hall opened just before World War II, that still has the big wooden floor ideal for dancing and the huge ceiling with the big windows on each side that should open to let a cross breeze through. Built in the days before air-con this was not unusual... but for some reason the ability to open these windows appears to have been taken away and last night's milonga was steamy to put it mildly!!
However that doesn't take away from the fact that it was a Special Night of Tango, organised beautifully by the team at the Sydney Tango Festival, and featuring a fabulous tango show. Every little detail appeared to have been thought of, from the crisp white table cloths and the magnificent flowers on the table by Teresa (one of the organisers), to the bottles of Italian mineral water on every table, the delicious supper which was devoured by the hungry horde and the many ushers and helpers who made everything go so smoothly.
The highlight of the night was of the course the Show. This was the premiere of 'Tango Tranzas' conceived by Corina de la Rosa, one of the leading couples here for the Festival. Not a story of tango from it's origins as so many shows I have seen are (and I have been to quite a few, including about La Ventana, Homero Manzi and Carlos Esquina Gardel in BA), this was about the tango that is danced in milongas, specifically the milongas of Buenos Aires.  With the use of film as well as dance they portrayed how the men size up the women at a milonga - and the women focus on a man - with delightful humour. It was an opportunity to display the dance skills of Corina de la Rosa and her partner, Julio Balmaceda, together with Agustina Berenstein and Rodrigo Palacios.
The production was professional and skillful and the focus on the culture of tango as well as the dance made it a true tango production. I am so pleased I did not miss it!!


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