Depressed? Tango may be the answer

Recent research by a Sydney psychologist on the effects of tango on depression has just been discovered by the local media and today there are 2 stories on this research. It is fantastic to read such positive news on tango... and the best article appears in The Canberra Times where they interviewed the psychologist, Rosa Pinniger, and her PhD supervisor.
The writer reports that "
So successful was the tango program that participants have formed close friendships and continued dancing in their groups well beyond the study, with the teacher and dance partners volunteering their time.
It has led Ms Pinniger to set up an organisation - the Institute of Tango Therapy..."
One point that is clearly made and very important: a regular tango class is unlikely to have the same results - if you are a tango dancer it is pretty obvious that the cabaceo and other elements of social tango would not be suitable to people with depression - these classes were especially tailored to the participants. Great stuff!! 

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